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Some homeowners need to sell their house faster than the norm. In that case, traditional methods normally will not work. In today's real estate market, home inventories are rising rapidly, while the number of buyers are quickly diminishing. So what's a person to do? Simple, go to www.HouseBuyerNetwork.com, and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

House Buyer Network offers a multi pronged solution. We have built the finest and most professional network of Professional Home Buyers And Real Estate Transaction Specialist ever assembled. Period.

We screen all of our professionals to make sure your experience is one to remember.


- Full Time Real Estate Investor
- Owns their own Contracting Service
- Buys for Rehab and re-sell or for rental and lease purchase
- Been in business 7 years
- Buys on average 30 houses per year
- Some Buyers average over 100 and up to 500 homes per year.


- Full Time Real Estate Agent
- Averages over 100 transaction Sides Per Year
- Generally in the Top 1/2 of 1% in the Nation in Terms of Volume
- Most are in the Top 10 Overall in their Respective States.
- Most Offer a Guarantee that says if They Cant Sell Your House Within X Time They Will Buy It for a Predetermined Price.

Unwinding The Bad Loan

HBNi is in partnership arrangements with some of the top mortgage fraud and forensic accounting experts in the nation. KeepMyHouse.com was created to help solve the nations foreclosure and credit crisis by renegotiating notes, rates, and terms for homeowners in distress. This service launched in May of 2008. Stay tuned for updates.

Let's face it, the housing market meltdown currently taking place has been in part been blamed on real estate investors. As you drive in your car, you hear infomercials touting "getting rich in real estate doing nothing more than using someone else's money and sitting at a computer." Real Estate Investors have a bad name.

We want to change the way the public views investors by bringing proper, actionable real estate investing content to the masses. Even in today's market, real estate is worth investing in if done with a long term basis in mind. Investing is not easy, in fact it takes hard work. In order to teach people the proper way, not some get rich quick way, but the proper way, we developed www.RealEstateInvestors.TV .We commissioned some of the top long term real estate investors in the nation and they explain the way to build wealth slowly, conservatively, and properly.

For current real estate investors, we offer lead generation services, website services, and domain services.

This company was built by real estate investors - for real estate investors.

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